Why I Blog

Hello!  My name is Laurie-Anne!

I bought my first home in May 2011 but haven't had much time since to decorate and organize it.  I started this blog as a way to keep track of and share my ideas, plans and projects with my family and friends.

I have always enjoyed writing but could never find the time between work and going to school to write about something I actually enjoyed.  My Mom, an avid blog follower, finally convinced me to start blogging!

I was so creative as a child!  I loved nothing more then to draw, paint, write and do crafts with my Mom.  As I got a little older my creativity started to disappear.  Now that I bought my first home and have little decorations and on a tight budget -  it is time for me to dig down deep and find all that creativity that I know I have. 

When I'm not Googling for decorating ideas or drooling over the Pottery Barn catalog, I am working, going to school or doing homework.  I am an Office Manager for a pediatric speech therapy company.  While doing my undergrad work at the University of Central Florida, I worked towards a degree in Health Administration.  After working the position, I realized it wasn't for me.  I quickly switched my degree to Psychology and graduated in December 2011.  Now I am a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University, working towards my Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Since I have more time on my hands now, its time for me to start working on list of projects I have been saving to my desktop for the past 7 months!  :-)