Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Update - Almost Done!

So, I am almost done with decorating the guest bedroom but couldn't
wait to upload the progress pictures!

*Again -  these are just some "rough" photos*
Doesn't this look cozy?
I had guests over this past weekend who said it was so cozy
that they ended up sleeping until 11am!
Here is one with the lights on.
The pillow is actually my inspiration for the room.
I'll post where everything was purchased on my Reveal Post *wink*
Here are the curtains.  They have completely changed the look of the room.
You'll never guess what they are made from either!
And here is a reminder of what it looked like before!
Such a big difference already!

Are you working on redecorating any of your rooms?


  1. OK... I'll bite. Did you sew the rod pocket or is it the hem of an existing something?

    1. We did sew the rod pocket :) & the curtains themselves are actually drop clothes from Home Depot!!! Making the bed skirt using the same material this weekend ;)

  2. "We"? You got Chris helping? You sure that's a good idea?
    Drop cloths are a great idea! They're a nice weight. They don't come with that lovely trim though, so he's done a great job! lol (your mom pitching in?)

  3. Haha! I leave Chris to driving me to furniture stores ;) Mom sewed the rod pocket :-)