Monday, August 6, 2012

Pet Bowl Tray

Check out Brody's & his new improved tray.
YES!  Brody totally has his own dining table because he is the 

Even though he is the best kitty ever............
my Brody is such a messy eater (he may have got this from his Momma')

This is after just a couple of days....
Look -  its even on the baseboards.... 
 So since I have to have the tray to collect his crumbs.... I might as well make it presentable *wink*

I didn't have to do much to prep this tray for painting.  I sanded the edges with a 220 block and primed the whole thing with Rust-Oleum's Ultra Cover Primer.

After I let stand to dry, I painted on two thin coats of Rocking Chair by Clark & Kensington (ONE of the free-be's that Ace Hardware was giving out every Saturday back in March)

I considered stenciling his name on the front or possibly putting his name on in vinyl.... but then remembered that we can barely see the bottom of his tray through all of his crumbs *wink*

Love it when I can do a project for free,
have a good result and make my kitty-kitty happy :-)

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  1. Now that's one spoiled feline. (pretty lucky too)