Friday, August 17, 2012

Old Tool Cupboard

Here it is... Finally!
This ole piece of furniture may not look like much to you... but I have had my eyes on it since I bought the house in May 2011.

This tool cupboard was built by my great-grandfather from Michigan in the late 1940's.  In it he would store his hammes, screws, saws, oils, etc.  When the house was sold in the early 1990's, my grandmother sold the cupboard at an auction for $500 but the guy never came to pick it up, so it sat at my grandmothers house.  After my grandmother passed away, the cupboard, a long with some other mementos, were placed in the wrong hands hands of a family member from 2003-2010.

As a Christmas present for my Mom,  the boyfriend and I drove up to Michigan in December 2010 to get this, my great-grandmothers piano and a couple other boxes.

As you can see this tool cupboard is in need of some TLC.  Mom had plans to re-paint and put it in her guestroom, but since I begged asked so kindly, she finally gave in passed it down to me.

My plans for this baby, you ask?
All I know is I want to paint it something different then anything in my house (won't be to hard as long as I stay away from the tan, cream and brown I suppose, haha)

I was thinking about Miss Mustardseed's Milk Paint .....
I LOVE how fun the Tricycle color is
But also LOVE the seriousness of the Typewriter color (the base color) too!

I really feel like doing this project this weekend though (so anxious to get my guest bedroom done!)... and since Miss Mustard Seed's paint won't be available to me for a little while longer, I may make a trip to Home Depot this Saturday and just pick out the color and DO IT!
(or, knowing me, bring home little samples to think about it for another week or two *wink*)

Have you re-done any old furniture lately?


  1. I like MMS's red tricycle color...but, wait...typewriter is nice, too. Decisions, decisions.

    I can't wait to see what you pick, that's a special cupboard and whatever color you choose...your great-grandpa will be proud that you're putting it to good use.

  2. I love the tool cupboard, can't wait to see the finished project, although I rather like it as it is! CJ

  3. i like it exactly how it is. it's fantastic. maybe a good cleaning only?

    smiles to you.