Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Living Areas Painted - Check!

After realizing how "comfy" the paint made the guest bedroom feel... I was on a mission to share the feeling with the places in the house that I actually spend my time in - the living room and kitchen.
I chose Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore...
...and am in love with the results!  The paint really makes the rooms feel warmer.  Can't wait to get stuff onto the walls and bring some more furniture in *smile*
Now... since I absolutely hate painting... yes... hate.... I had to hire a professional.
I called 3 local painters and a handyman.
I called the handyman first.  He works for the commercial business management company that the company I work for leases from.  Really nice guy who works mostly with his wife and oldest daughter on his jobs.
Ironically, as I was starting this post he texted me his quote.... even though he was suppose to give me this quote last Friday.....
"Sorry dude... job already done and looks FABULOUS!"
Since I have never done this before and couldn't find anybody to give me the name of their painter (or one that was still in business for that matter) my questions were:
* Are you licensed and insured?
*How long have you been in business for?
*Who would be doing the job?
Of the 3 companies - this is what I found:
Company 1:  I called and filled out the "Give Me A Quote" feature on their nicely laid out website ( I was really eager to get a quote *wink*) but NEVER received a phone call..... How rude.
Company 2:  Owner of the company returned my call and scheduled a time to meet on Sunday.  Met the owner, he is licensed and insured (which I already knew from his website), found out he has owned his company since 1979 and that he and his son would be doing the job.  Nice guy - explained to me how he would get the job done and gave me a couple of his next available dates.
Quote:  $225 for 600-700 square feet (I would get the paint on my own).
Company 3:  Owner of the company returned my call.  His company is licensed and insured and he has over 30 years of experience in construction.  I learned that he doesn't actually do the jobs but he will come by at the end to look over his guys work.  Nice guy.  After describing the space (current color, condition walls are in, moving furniture) he was able to quote me over the phone and said "Oh this will be a small job then."
Quote:  $600-700 for 600-700 square feet
(Is he out of his mind!!!  Who in their right mind would pay that much
for this "small job"!!!) I kindly told him that that was WAY out of my budget and he told me to call him if I change my mind.  Sometimes I forget that construction is just BOOMING these days and small jobs like mine would just get in the way of all of their high ticket jobs.... I hope you read that in your most sarcastic tone *wink*
I chose Company #2 - Tim's Painting  and could not be more pleased with how the rooms turned out.
The owner and his son, Tim & Tim Jr, were so thorough and meticulous. 
 Together they worked like a well oiled machine and got the job done.  While cutting in, Tim Jr. found that my plant shelf in between the kitchen and living room didn't even have primer on it leaving in covered in dust (and cat hair.... darn Brody) ekkkk!  Tim Jr. grabbed my Dyson and held it as Tim climbed the ladder and vacuumed it up, then painted it so I could easily dust it in the future.  How awesome is that!!  Tim doesn't believe in cutting corners and knows that word of mouth is the best advertisement for his business to be successful. 
What I liked the most is that they didn't take a 15 minute cell phone & smoke break every hour... in fact, the only break they took was a 30 minute lunch break were they sat in their van and ate their packed lunch.
These are my own thoughts and words about this company... in fact, they don't even know that I blog.  I do hope people read this though, and if you live in my area, contact them for your painting.  Such nice guys and I would love to get them some extra business.
More room pictures and color details to come.
How about you, have any great painters you share with friends?


  1. Sounds like you did your homework. Glad you had good results. Hey, I love beige! Thought is was uniquely Canadian (haha), so the plan is to be daring and paint the winter place bright colours. Oh, I could so easily be persuaded to go beige! What do you think?

    At the moment I'm in need of a good yard maintenance person in your area (bushes need a major trimming and haul the mess away). Any recommendations? The complex gave me two names, one I haven't got hold of yet and the other only does commercial jobs (why then do they recommend him?)

    1. Yea, originally I wanted to use something other than beige... but I couldn't commit and fell back on what I know, haha.

      I know an awesome guy to do your yard maintenance. I use him at my house. His prices are very reasonable, he comes weekly without missing and I trust him around the property (even when I'm not there). Call Jerry at Coastal Lawn Care at (352) 601-1447 :-)

    2. Thanks Laurie-Anne. I definitely give him a call.