Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Great $50 Find

 Isn't she a beaut?
I found (okay... so the boyfriend actually spotted this one)
at a used furniture store that was closing over the weekend.
Originally marked for $150 (I believe), they had everything marked down and
we were able to leave with it for $50!

I needed a coffee table, but wasn't really looking for one since I had been using the ottoman from the over-sized chair and liked that we can put our feet up on it. *wink*

I fell immediately in love with it in the store but was a little apprehensive about it since it was definitely bigger then the ottoman and the style is different (although the look I am wanting to change to) then the other pieces in the house.
But.... I am completely happy with it!
Love the different compartments too... already put some of Brody's toys in one side to get them out of the way *wink*
Can't wait to add accents on to it!

Okay fellow bloggers, tell me, have you seen this coffee table before?  I have looked all over it for the maker but can't find anything.  I really want to get one matching end table but I'm not having any luck!

 I also picked up this picture in hopes of  it working out in my master bathroom plans *smile*
This caught my eye in the store, and reminded me of this picture from Little Brown Pen's Etsy Shop

How about you, find anything unique in a used furniture store lately?


  1. Wow! Good eye, Chris. Would you keep a look out for us too? We're going to need a bunch of stuff come January. Would a list help?

  2. Haha! I wish we had more decent used furniture stores around here! When you come back down we'll have to drive to a few in the next County over to find some deals ;)

    1. We'll really appreciate the imput. Goin' to need some serious help.

  3. I own that coffee table and it comes from Rooms To GO. We paid I think $165 for it about three years ago. I love it to pieces but since we have young boys it has taken a beaten. I want to buy another one!;) It looks like from the listing they have updated the feet a tad. http://www.roomstogo.com/product/Table-Sets/Coronado-Bay-Cocktail-Table/22105628/

    1. Thanks so much! The look is so similar! I'll have to check the stores for an end table ;). Thanks Pamela!