Thursday, April 5, 2012

With Spring Comes Yard Work

With spring... comes yard work.
Isn't that the truth!?!
With all of the beautiful weather we are having lately, 
seems like everybody in Bloggersville has been doing a little yard work.

I spent my weekend fertilizing my Indian Hawthorne and Loropetalum plants and Magnolia trees, replacing plants, pulling weeds and spreading new mulch.
I fertilized my plants and trees with this Osmocote Smart Release 4-month (14-14-14).  
However, after talking to the man at the nursery, he suggested I use Osmocote 14-8-15, which is a better 12 month fertilizer.  
So... here's the plan...
Since my plants are young (planted in August 2011), 
they need as much nutrients as they can get!
 I fertilize now using the 14-14-14 formula and then will re-do everything with the 14-8-15 formula in a few months.  I hope with a little TLC, my babies plants will grow so that I can see them over the mulch. *wink*

 Unfortunately, my 12 small Heather plants did not make it through the winter.  
Instead of pulling them and replacing them with a similar plant, I  decided to try something new and replace them with potted annuals, 8 white Petunias and 3 pink & white Cosmos...
I dug a hole big enough for a one-gallon pot (even with the ground) 
and put an empty pot in the hole.
I planted my annual in another pot and then lowered it into the empty pot.  
Now, when the season ends I will be able to replant another flower with ease.
 Next on the list of outdoor projects:
Find a stone to make an edge for this area.
I am looking for something that fits in my budget and looks good.  
Shouldn't be too hard, right? *wink*
Re-sod the WHOLE yard.
My yard is a combination of weeds, dirt and a little bit of grass.  I don't think I will be pleased with the results of seeding, so I plan on just having the whole yard re-sodded (is that a word?)
I would love to see what you have done in your yard.  Please share!


  1. Doesn't fresh mulch make a world of difference to a planting bed! Lovely!

  2. Nice job, Laurie-Anne. It already looks lovely. I wish I could get omy hands dirty, but it's still too early. Back wearing the winter coats. haha, but soon. Tulips and daffodils have sprouted and will soon be thrilling us with their beauty. I haven't taken any pics of my yard in a few years. I really should. It's small but a beautiful private oasis. I don't think there's any way to share on your blog? Anyhow... keep us posted. I love a beautiful yard and you're well on your way.

  3. Nice work Laurie-Anne. I'm not familiar with Loropetalum plants here. I made a Youtube slidehshow of our backyard transformation some time ago. M is an amazing gardener and keeps our place very showy throughout the summer months when I am busy working on the roads. here is the link