Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Yellow Etsy Buy

So I know I am really late with this post BUT...
 here is the final touch to my Add a Little Shine Project...
 I found these Paris photography postcards at Little Brown Pen's Etsy Shop for just $15 and they are the perfect final touch to my Add a Little Shine Project.
The package came with 9 postcards and it was extremely difficult to pick 6 for this project.  I loved them all!
I hung the postcards with mini clothespins that I lightly stained earlier this month.  
I originally used the the frame to display my Christmas cards, but thought it was so cute that I kept it up determined to find something else to put on it.  *Smiles*
I hung the frame over this buffet (actually I'm not really sure what this is because everybody calls it something different... but to me it is a buffet) that I purchased over the weekend from a closing antique store for $35! 
I plan to either stain it a darker color or paint it... but for right now it will stay the way it is until I can make up my mind.... typical right *Wink*
It's OVerflowing
The 36th AVENUE


  1. The 'buffet' (yes, that's what I would call it also) is an amazing find for $35! Perfect fit for that location.

  2. So cool. I love seeing what people do with the postcards. Great idea!

    - Nichole

  3. I love it! I used the larger prints from Little Brown Pen (also in yellow!) in my master bedroom. Looking at them every day makes me happy.