Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Color Is Your Front Door?

Since the first impression your house gives to a visitor should be spectacular - I have decided that it is time to tackle the issue of my not-so-spectacular front door.

My inspiration?  Oh...just about every other door except mine!

For instance look at this stunning front door -  The entire style (including the light) makes me want to run to the store for new paint!
Or how about this beauty?  The bright red paint is so inviting... makes me want to walk right up to that front door (wouldn't it be weird if I just showed up on your doorstep drooling over your front door color?)
OR Look at this LIME GREEN door!!!
I wish I had the guts to do this!  
But alas.... look at my very sad front door (sad face)
From the picture it looks like the front door and wall color are the same... but the house is actually a light gray color (my painting project AFTER the front door facelift!) and the door is WHITE!
You also can't tell how fabulous my light is either by this picture...
Ahhh... that's better! 

My motivation?  Ace Hardware is giving away a FREE Quart of Clark+Kensington paint on March 3rd!  Make sure you log-on to their website to print the coupon!
Hopefully I will be able to choose the perfect color for my front door this Saturday and reveal it to you next week!
 What color is your front door?


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