Monday, March 5, 2012

Pressure Washing

In order to prep for my big Front Door Facelift project, I borrowed my Moms Kercher pressure washer and went to town. 
  One thing that bothers me about my house, is the exterior paint job.  If they primed at all, they did a horrible job because the paint is so thin and like chalk.  When I used the pressure washer on some of the areas (especially the spots lowest to the ground) the paint came completely off.  BUT that's okay, because I've got big dreams of a big paint project here in the next couple of weeks!

Here is what this lovely little machine did for my front porch area...
See all of the black to the right of the door?  Thats from having no gutters (project for another day!)
 I have NO idea what the orange and black marks are from...  sad face.
Still left with those ugly orange & black marks but at least the dirt is GONE!
Now that the area is clean -  it is time to paint the front door!!
I will probably look in to a driveway paint to cover the porch and sidewalk area 
- any suggestions?
I went to Lowe's today and they were able to color match 
Benjamin Moore's Dinner Party Red... isn't it purdyyy?  

This color is going to look perfect on my front door - 
can't wait to get it done to show all of you!


  1. My son has that color on the door of his 8x12 cabin in the woods (26 hrs north). Great colour. You'll love it.

  2. REALLY? What a coincidence! I am so excited to get that boring front door painted! :-)