Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adding a Little Shine

So with Florida's beautiful sun shinning in the windows the past couple of days, I have decided to brighten up the house a bit with a little bit of yellow. 

My first project to bring in the sunshine - 
Daffodils in Mason Jars
I have been wanting to do this project ever since seeing a
picture on Blondie 'N' SC blog.
My Supplies:
3 Daffodil Bushes 
3 Mason Jars
3- 23inX3in  Strips of Burlap
Fray Block
Lime Slices
Clear Mini Gems
Ribbon (I used Papertray's Spring Moss
I wanted to use sliced limes in the bottom of the mason jars but since I wasn't going to use real flowers -  I couldn't exactly use real sliced limes... 
That's were JoAnn's came in... Found these for only $2.99
Here is the first burlap up.  
Look me a while to figure out how wide I wanted it
... 2"...3"...2"....3"...... 
Ahhh... 3" it is!
Tailor's Fray Block ($3.99 @ JoAnn's) worked beautifully to make sure my burlap didn't fall apart after handling it.  I put this along the 3" edge and then every couple inches down the 23" side.  Flipped it over and repeated on the other side as well.
Only took a few minutes to dry too!
This is how they looked before cutting the stems down... 
way to tall for the look I was going for.
I ended up taking off about 2 inches of each stem.
Now just add a little ribbon....
Aren't they cute?!?
 They really make the whole room brighter!
Now I am just waiting for the UPS Man to deliver my parts for Sunshine Project Number 2
Until then... go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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  1. Looks nice, Laurie-Anne. You got me thinking... I usually buy fresh-cut daffodils from the Heart & Stroke Society in February, but we weren't home, and now that I think of it, I didn't see the H&S Soc selling them in Florida (??). My table needs some flowers... maybe the next time I'm in the grocery store I'll pick some up. Brrr it's cold outside!