Monday, March 12, 2012

Adding a Little More...

I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning when I arrived home from work on Friday and saw this little package waiting on my doorstep....

What is this?  

My package wasn't schedule for delivery until Monday...!?!?

 The UPS Man brought it early!
I Love that brown truck man! *Big Smiles*
I already have PB's Mineral Green pillow (to match my Peyton Drapes of course) and thought a yellow pillow would go nicely and help me bring some shine in.
During the winter, I put the green pillow away and brought out the brown 
(found this on clearance at JCPenny's during Christmas time) 
but then somehow the green pillow came out and the brown one stayed too... I like it... but just needed wanted something a little brighter for spring.
Pottery Barn calls this their 18' Textured Linen Pillow in Flan & I love it!

Couldn't decide if I liked it better with the green...
or the brown.....

I am really starting to enjoying seeing this bright and cheery color around he house... 
As soon as I threw the pillow on the couch, the Daffodil Mason Jars I did
 earlier last week, stood out a little more too!

A little sneak peek for my final Adding a Little Shine project...
I wonder what I'll be doing with these tiny clothespins....



  1. Don't you just love packages delivered by the man in the big brown truck?! I love the yellow color of your new screams spring time. :)

  2. Love the yellow! I have a couple hits of yellow at the cottage, the prevelent colour being blue, and I love it.
    It was spring here today 58 deg. Wow! Not to get too excited, though. Haven't seen the last of winter. Still ice on the lake.