Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wishing for a PB Makeover...

Okay, so seriously -  who isn't wishing for a Pottery Barn gift card and design consultant 
to knock on their front door?  I know I am!! Every sale-email I get 
from them I find one more thing that I just have to have!

Here are a few things that stay in my "cart" (As if I had that kind of money!! Haha!) 
 Planked Airplane Panels
Tivoli Table
with these Seagrass Chairs (in the Havana Dark)
Whitney Home Office Collection - Even though I love my office furniture
this picture always catches my eye
and... ahhh... who could forget the beautiful Modular Bar Buffet.
Why does Pottery Barn gotta be so darn pricey... 
AND why can't I be better with a saw and some wood to make this all myself....??? 

Well -  practice makes perfect right... 
maybe I'll start with a birdhouse and see what happens??? :-)

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