Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paint Can Money Bank

Since working at the speech therapy clinic, there is one kid in 
particular I have grown quite close too.  
He has been attending therapy here since I started 3 years 
ago and it is always nice to have him there to help me with little 
projects while he waits for siblings to finish with their sessions.  

He came in the other day carrying his "piggy bank" which 
was a large pickle jar with a jagged slit he made himself his new pocket knife.  
I asked him to help me with a project and if he did a good job, 
I would make it a real money bank.

When he came in next, I showed him the monkey paper along with 
5 other boyish-like papers (i.e. football,  street signs, strips, and misc sports).  
He looks over them for a second and tells me 
"I'm really feelin' the monkeys" :-D  
I raided my moms Art Studio for some supplies (fell head-over-heels in love with the Big Shot!!!) and made him his money bank last night and will give to him today when
he comes in for his therapy session.  I think he'll be surprised :-)

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