Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Laundry Room Makeover

Okay, okay you got me.  I don't actually have a real laundry room.  My laundry "room" is technically the back wall of my garage... but for fun we will call it my Laundry Room

This area was actually the first space of my house to be painted.  Odd huh?  Who picks to decorate and paint their garage laundry room first? Well -  ME :)  I knew I didn't want to feel like I was folding and hanging clean clothes next to the lawn mower and garbage can so it was important for me to spice it up a little.

I started by painting the wall Winter Wheat from Valspar.  I lucked out, my Mom had this color sitting in her garage from another project of hers (I love hammidowns!) and it was exactly what I envisioned the wall needed. 
As one of my many housewarming gifts, my mom hung the rack and ironing board for me.  Don't you just love the ironing board cover?  Mom found it on Etsy and it is perfect!
 I didn't have to buy anything for this project since I had old shelving from the master closet that was already re-modeled ;) 
Before the shelf was too high for me to reach to store the laundry soap on it, so I was improvising by using the ledge by the air conditioner handler (ekkkkk!)  
Now since adding another shelf right above the washer/dryer for soap (& all the other laundry needs) and raising the top shelf, I am able to hang clothes on it without them dragging on the shelf below.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE having everything off of the ledge <3
 Okay - so I temporarily moved it to another part of the garage...
but doesn't it look fabulous without all the clutter ;)

I am thinking about putting some type of storage cabinet or shelf on that ledge.  
You know -  somewhere to store all of the "extra" things like toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, cleaning products, etc. 
Any ideas?



    I like how you carried the wall color onto the stand the air handler sits on. It looks so fresh and clean. And the zebra ironing board cover is the perfect finishing touch!

  2. So neat and I love the ironing board cover -at least you can smile when you have to use it!! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  3. Thanks you! I love it too! Thanks so much for the comment, Claire :-)

  4. I love/want that ironing board cover! Too bad I have a use for it. Great job here.