Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Organized Garage....

I purchased my home as a foreclose through Landmark Realty (Kim & Tomika ROCK) who I HIGHLY recommend.  For the most part, I have not had any real issues. Knock on wood.

The bank "cleaned up the place" by painting the walls a shade of cream and put in new carpet.  Even though I don't HAVE to "fix-up the place" there are definitely areas that need a makeover.

Project 1: Organize Garage/Laundry Room
Purpose:  I would love to be able to park my car in the garage.  I would also LOVE to make the laundry area feel separate from the garage so I don't feel like I'm cleaning clothes in between the car and lawnmower ;)

This was the project this past weekend.  Organizing junk in 3 easy steps....
1.  Breakdown awkwardly-built work bench
(This was left from the previous owner. 
Unless he was 7ft tall - there is no way this bench was usable)

2.  Put shelves up - okay they came assembled but I had to adjust the shelves ;)
My mom found these heavy-duty steel shelves by Edsal on
sale (they were the floor model) at Home Depot.  I thought about bolting them
to the wall for extra security, but they seem pretty darn sturdy as they are.

3.  Clean & Organize.

Step 1:  Break down workbench.

Easier said then done.  Fortunately for me my mom is a DIY Women which
means that I get all of her awesome tool hammidowns when she
decides to upgrade :- )  However, this is not true for this poor lifeless drill she passed
down to me :( Soooo I ended up doing it the old fashion way - by hand!

...and after 1,876 screws (felt like it anyway) this is what I was left with.

Step 2: Put Shelves Up.

Step 3:  Clean & Organize

Ta-Da!  The finished product :-)
My handy-mother is going to come over and help me
(or rather, I will help her, haha) hang the pegboard behind the shelving so I
can hang up some of my tools.

Next weekend I'll be tackling the laundry area....
Stay Tuned :-)

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